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Ice expert needed!

you got the serial number?

may be able to find out that way for you

or at least take a picture of the front panel

RF are not exactly my favourite manufacturer, so i try not to know much about them

correct mrbunny, however the quality usually suffered (well in the last 3 years anyway)

older RF units were excellent, newer ones are now marketed for image

This is an oldie!!! will try and get the serial number - not easy when its bolted to the floor lol! Bryan - This is way over 3 years old!!!

well im away out jow, will try and remember to come back on here tonight and help

if i havent replied within 2 days, send me a pm,and ill get onto it straight away
  Polo + Micra

does it not say the model number above the rcas? or could the . be missing.

2x70wRMS at a pure guess

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Quote: Originally posted by Guilbert on 24 June 2005

Why do you have pink phono leads?
There quite good quality and it was a choice between them or the really thin non protected leads - there under the seat so hidden away.. usually!!
  One with a few more

IF you go on the RF website and take a look at their manual database you should be able to find a spec for it in there

Went to some specialist forums and the results are........ amp is rated at 180w RMS but rockford always quoted a lower figure and in real output its 200w rms+

not bad for an 8 year old amp, puts some much larger amps to shame!!