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If i lower my willy....


If i were to lower my williams say 35mm all round, would the car be harder to wheel spin from the line? ive got terrible with traction off the line atm... if i try power off a line i red line within seconds of green light

if it wont, what can i do do help stop wheel spin?

can traction control be added to the williams?
  clio 20v

i dont think lowering it wud sort your traction problem lowering helps a bit but not much

its prob more to do with tyres and a heavy right foot off the line
  Clio 172 cup

when you set off from the line you wont no more than about 2000rpm, when you get the grip you can floor it.

ok cheers

i do normally start off at 2000rpm.. but even when i have a bit of speed.. and then floor it i still spin

when u got the power of a willy engine its hard not to have a heavy foot!!!

will try stiffening the back

Well see you all in 2 weeks! im off to Cyprus for a wedding!

just gotta hide my keys now so my brother cant take my willy out to see what its like!!