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if you had to sell your clio tomorrow......


ClioSport Club Member
  AG200|981 Cayman
For the same price? Or anything?

Well i am currently looking to buy a clio for £5K, so what else would i have? Probably a type-r or a cupra.
  S4 Avant
I'd buy very little, with the 2 grand I'd get for selling my clio.

Alternatively, I'd quite like a cooper s or dc5
I'd probly get £3000 for my Clio after the work i've just had done. For that I wouldn't get much decent. I'd probably add 1.5-2K to it and a get a nice JDM DC2 Teg. Insurance is a bit too much atm though for one. In a couple of years I can see me in one though.


  A thirsty 172
Definitely want another 106 GTi at some point. Wouldn't mine a 306 GTi-6 either.
If not one of those I'd get the rest of the cash together and get an M3.

pot ltd Che

ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
If I sold my Valver, I reckon I'd get £3.50 for it so I'd probably put another £2 towards it and buy a packet of Marlboro Lights.

When I've saved enough money (trying really hard) next is going to be either a silver/black ph2 V6 Clio or an Escort Cosworth.
  Not got a car
Just a shitty car really.

Never having to wash it, park it anywhere, Never looking out the window every 5 mins.
  S4 Avant
You drive a Clio... Why are you checking outside the window every 5 minutes????

Having spent an awful amount of money on mine, I'm forver paranoid about yoofs keying, denting, trolley pranging, scuffing etc...

Can't be doing with having to spend more money on it.
  Silver ph2/Mk2 Clio 172
Volkswagen Scirocco R (If I came into 25k)






  Clio 172 Cup!
I can not wait for my 172 Cup! too sell! Just to small for me! What will I get next? I am going back to Scooby land! But trying a New age this time as my last one was a 330 Bhp Rwd Type-Ra! 60 in 4 Secs! :evil:
  Not got a car
You drive a Clio... Why are you checking outside the window every 5 minutes????

Gay comment!

Becuase I like my car, I have spent money on my car, My car is A1 Condition, I look after my car, and i dont want a f**king scally to vandalize my car.

Honestly this forum amaze's me sometimes, with stpuid arsed clever comments. Never known a club like it.