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I'm Cracking Up -Wireless


ClioSport Club Member
Today i bought a Netgear DG834PN wireless router for my house. I've followed all the instructions but cannot connect to the net at all!!
I'm on AOL and don't know how to change settings to access AOL wireless from my laptop.
My dads computer wont connect with the USB adapter either.

Anyone any ideas where i have went wrong??


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Have you put all the setting into the router? i.e your user name and password?

Have you put filters on every phone jack in the house?
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Okay, just checking - Silver is a sod to set it up with. It's not tricky, but too long winded to go into here - Give AOL a bell, just don't tell them you've got the Pre-N version of the router, as they offically only support the 54G Version - (834 I think it's called)


ClioSport Club Member
I gave up and unplugged it all.

The power light was on, the ADSL light was on and also the wireless symbol and the number 1
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It should just be a case of putting your u/n and p/w into the router, setup the WEP and get each pc to connect.

Make sure your pc's are setup not to dail a connection and IE is setup to "automatically detect settings" (Tools, options, connections, lan settings)
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i bought one when i got my lap top it hooked up straight waya i didnt even do anything, i was waiting for a fight but didnt get one well inpressed, i just hope i never have to do it again as it clearly wont be as simple


ClioSport Club Member
I'll give it all a go again when i get back from football training.

Cheers guys
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Found that usefull when setting up wireless on a friends silver account. Think AOL can send out a step by step cd guide for setting up a wireless network.

Make sure, as everyone has said, to put your password and AOL settings into the router by going to the router setting page which is usually (or similar), just type that into the web browser and enter all the details. See above link for settings.

I think i remember that once all the AOL settings are in the router you dont actually have to use the AOL browser any more and can just use IE6 or IE7.

You can use the AOL browser by chosing LAN (or similar) as the sign in location. It is a bit tricky, but can be done!
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Tell you what, any more probs - drop me a line on sam at samnesbitt dot co dot uk and we can get it sorted!