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im getting rid of the 6x9’s need advice..

im getting rid of the 6x9s, you were all right, too much bass with the subs.

im keeping the subs and amps but need advice as to what to replace the speakers with?

do i just replace the standards with the same size?

not really up on it tbh

looking to spend 200 max on both front and rear speakers

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get a set of jbl component speakers, woofers, crossovers and tweeters!!!

really good, although, if u amp the 6x9s and take the bass out of em, they are really good!!!

or if u have subs, then take all bass out of stereo and up the gain on the subs to compensate, then u will get hardly any bass out of the 6x9s

my set do not have any bass through them as i am running them through an amp on high frequency only and i love em!!!!

im running it all with 2 amps, 1 running the 2 subs and the other, the 6x9s and the front comps, do i go for comps both front and back or mid range back, im pretty clueless

i have a set of vibe 10 cms which are components with cross overs but u can leave the tweeters inside the speaker if u like still. they were only like £40 and theyre well impressive little things! ive never heard such good quality tiny speakers!

oh sorry, where r your 6x9s? i meant remove 6x9s from rear and put in some little 10cm components to do a bit of mid range a treble. fronts are 13s yea tho!

yep! all u need really is good quality treble in the rear as u have the sub running anyway. then let the fronts do the mid and treble too.

so u think 2 sets of they kappas would be decent enuff along with my 2 existing subs? could thos 13cm be modded into the rear standard enclosures? cheers for the info bud :)

good ill prob get 2 pairs, am i going to be able to squeeze these into the rear standard housings at all?


are rear standards on a clio willy are 10cms or odd 6x4 shapes? i cant remember. theyre off to the side of the shelf arnt they?

yup, that right, i think they are 10cm, u think i could squeeze them in if i cut some round about it? lookin for the stealth look rather than having to put them on the shelf