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Im new!

Hello everyone! Ive been looking at this site for quite some time now, and decided it was about time i registered! Ive got a M reg clio RT, just at the start of modding. Just had a sound install fitted, alpine 7874RB head unit with front and back speakers. Now looking at getting alloys and induction kit.Is there anyone else here that has a RT that i can get advice from?:oops:

Hi there and welcome.

I have an RT aswell and can offer some help/advice but there are lots more of us out there with RTs.

Where are you from then?

Phil :cool:

Lots with RTs. Well, non-16v, Williams, New Shape Clios!. Including me!

Youll have no probs in finding help on here... Welcome to the Forum.


Paul you hit the nail on the head. ;) lol

Also Paul, you had time to check the chequer plate out yet?

By the way, Im 18 from Herefordshire

Forgot all about it again mate, sorry. Didnt get up till 6 and had to be at work for 7. Last night 2morra, so if i dont check 2morra i will deff let you know on tues.
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Its nice to see more girls on the board

sometimes the testosterone can be a bit over powering

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Heya! Natalie

GR u just have to be that little bit flasher than everyone else dont u!:p

Matt (20 from Gloucester)


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It doesnt take any longer than you take to write your message.

~ MATT ~



~ F:cool:L:cool:A:cool:S:cool:H:cool:E:cool:R ~

I just like to make newcomers feel welcome!


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Hellooooooo and welcome :)

Im 20 and from Herefordshire.

Clio_novice, we will have to meet up sometime, as were in the same county :)

welcome to our humble abode!!!!

Im 20 from south london btw (feels like one of those dodgy chat rooms!!!! A/S/L!!!!! LOL!!!!) :D

hello nat, along the coast in Brighton - Went to slinky not long ago very good! welcome to the club.....;)
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hiya, made a good choice gettin a Clio, an comin on here too

enjoy your stay

if you need any advice on mods post over in that forum, quite a few RT owners on here now

Welcome Natalie!

If your down in Bournemouth youll have to get busy modding your car with the guys down at K-tec racing ;) Dave will sort any mods out for ya.

Although Im in Oxford me sister lives in bournemouth so spend a hell of a lot of time down there. Seems to be quite a place for modded cars as theres a little course that seems to go past Bar Med and Bliss where they go past at least 10 times every half hour!?

I of course watch from the warm of the bar drinking copius amounts of Stella...:D