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im soooooooo happy

just like to say

" my car is back and back to its old flying ways"

after driving a 172 for 6 week i forgot my valver was actually sooo quick

im soooooooooooooo happy


:cool:T:cool:H:cool:A:cool:T:cool:S:cool: G:cool:O:cool:O:cool:D:cool: N:cool:E:cool:W:cool:S:cool: M:cool:A:cool:T:cool:E:cool:

Dont you just love the way they all blink together!!

I feel sorry for you having to drive such a slow car for six weeks! (Hume hits big man on nose and runs away as fast as his legs will carry him!).

Im so happy that Ive become exceedingly giddy, and Im currently skipping around in a big circle, tapping a key on each lap (tired now)...

Phew! glad youre back in the flying machine and out of that tooslow4you 172. They truly are slow arent they?

lol @ everyone

after BENR pointing out a lot of tention in everyone its good that everyone can had a smile and giggle at things :)

my car . welll 6 weeks off the road due to a bad earth on the gearbox. how about that. not even nick hill ( god of reno tunners) or anyone else could figure out what was wrong with it. it was a lose earth as nick said but it was soo lose it should of been easier to spot but it was not. its been throught so much trial and error ignition wise and it was such a simple thing. a new bolt tighten it up and boom, my valver back to its old ways. love every minute of caning it and cant beleive i considered selling up a few months ago.

but hey. its got a new alternator and starter and mechanically my car is sounds as can be.

you 172 boys better watch out :devilish: while i was in the 172 i raced my mates chipped valver from a rolling start as its unfair to race from standstill as its so fast off the line, but i was well suprised that in first and second there was nothbing in it literally nech and neck. but just like a willy hit third and away you go.

why is dash and matt so happy bit off topic but i wanna know


wongy mate, when i was pulling my williams lump out, the gearbox earth bolt (gearbox end, not chassis) split n snapped off in the socket - leaving the thread in the lump, i was told u can earth it to anywhere tho - any ideas?


lol york is not possible for me mate as the hours i work mate and type of work!!!!!!!. dont think my car will better 15.5 anyway running with 17 ect ect. but it dont half feel quick and i know now from experience when rolling the 172 can be caught out due to the way the throttle work. not as instant like our 16vs


yeah mate. you can earth the wire anywhere mate but i always like to leave the wires where they are supposed to be as its easier for reference and to work on by others, by the sounds of things. u can drille out the old one and use a slightly bigger bolt but dont drill too far in or but make a new earth on the chassis somewhere in the same region

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Congratiolations man...

Theres nothing better, when comes to cars, that having our love once again rolling.

Hiya Wongy

Ive got a funny electrical problem with my own Valver at the mo - maybe some of this sounds familiar?:

I noticed on the motorway the other day that the battery light would flash on whenever I used an elctric item like a window, indicator etc. Funilly enough, it stopped once I got to slower speeds, so I had to drive at 50mph!! Anyway, I thought it was the alternator, but lo and behold, as I took the car to the garage yesterday the battery light was fine on the motorway.

But I got to a petrol station and the bloody thing wouldnt start!! I could hear it spark, but no starter motor. But it couldnt have been the starter motor as the immobiliser light came on every time I tried to start it. The next funny thing is that when my car is immobilised, it doesnt allow a spark - so what the fugg is going on??!!

Anyway, Ive taken "Holly" to hospital and hes having a new alternator. But sadly I dont think thats the whole story...any thoughts?


Wongy - I was just happy for ya - thats all... :) (Plus I was in a silly mood :sick:)

Whats this about throttle action in your 172? My Mk1 (cable operated throttle) is razor keen on the accelerator at anything over 3000rpm! I assumed the newer 172s (fly-by-wire throttle) would be just as good, if not better!?!


all that hassle for that little problem... DAMN!!! least its good to hear!

and GR means uve only got one star mate..

so many Qs

ben H

ive seen your car and its a tidy one so i very much doubt its something mechanical. so in the worl of reno, it sounds like as def electric fault but hey im no electrician. by the sounds of thing and im only guessing from your symtoms as my car use to do the same, your starter could be getting too hot and prob have seen better days if its still on origional starter. so get a new one. however it could be a imminent flat battery. if your alternator is faulty, ie chargiing irratically then it will affect the rest of the cars eletrical systeme., mine use to turn pause then turn over eventually.get a uprated one if i were u. however like mine it could be something as silly as a lose earth somewhere on the car. but no haynes does not say where they all are so just give them a check to make sure everything is nice and tight with no lose connections. by the sounds of thing go with the new alternator and see how it goes from there. do one thing at a time mate.

ben you would not beleive hot much trouble that earth caused mat

matt cheers mate

but yeah im really disappointed with the throttle action in the 172. others may not notice if they have only driven a 172 but if you have a chance go out in a 16v/ willy or even a RT and u will see what i mean, seems the 172 ecu pauses and think about what u want it to do before it actually realises u wanna floor it and go, by then a lot of car are already gone,


ben h

jjust red that and that made no sense to even me

get the alternator done first and then if your having starting probs look into a new starter too

haynes does not tell u where the earths are but i know 5 of them so if u wanna know lmk ok


Ive raced a 16v around Elvington airfield and it felt little (if any) different to my Mk1 172 mate! (Actually it didnt feel too disimilair (sp?) performance wise either until about 3rd!!! Doh!)

Is the throttle thing just a fly-by-wire issue?


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Wongy you have your two stars now, so it looks as though you have remembered your password!


i guess so mate but ive never driven a mk 1 172 before so would not know for sure

as for the track thing. its all down to driver ability mate. a well driven RT could keep up with a 172, well probably if he was a racing driver


yeah i got 2 stars now yipee