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I have just ordered a 182 from a European importer. I believe that the only differences from a UK car is that it does not come with an insurance approved immobiliser and the warranty is 2 years not 3. Has anyone done the same as me and if so what immobiliser did you put on the car and how much did it cost. I have also been told that if you write to Renault they will extend you warranty for an additional year. Can anyone confirm this to be true or is the importer telling me porkies?

FYI I am paying £11,495 on the road including a cup chassis and spoiler pack and metallic paint, which seems like a good deal. The best my local dealer could offer me was £13,400 with a very poor trade in value. Incidentally they have a trophy in stock which was a customer order that was subsequently cancelled. They will let it go for £13,500 which is £2k less than book price if anyone is interested.