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Indicators flashing very fast!!!

  182/ 172 Cup
My indicators on my cup are flashing very fast, yet all the bulbs are working.
It's both sides, could it be the flasher unit? Where is the flashed unit?
I was told it could be the hazard switch or a relay!!
I'm lost.... Where do I start??
Cheers kris
It could be a dodgy connection on your rear lights, give the wires a wiggle and see if they stop flashing so fast.


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  A Yellow One
got a lamp out? put your hazards on and walk round the car.

If it was the hazard switch, they wouldnt turn off or on.

Ol’ Tarby!

ClioSport Moderator
The current draw from the indicator circuit alters how the relay makes them flash, hence why when a bulb is out, they flash really fast. So if one or more of ur bulbs is a different wattage to others, yes they'll all work, but it'll be drawing a different amount of current to what it should be, so it'll flash quicker/slower/whatever

^^ All b****cks? could be lol
  Artic Blue 182 FF
if it occurs when breaking then check the earth line on the brake light unit. look at the resistance and check the terminals for corrosion..
  182/ 172 Cup
Ok all bulbs are 21w so there correct, if I put my hazards on the flashing slows down to the correct speed, any ideas people??? :(
  1.2 16v
sounds like the begining of a dodgy earth in the rear lights, affects all lights and will get progressively worse :cool:
i checked everything and couldnt find it, took it too a local garage, the 1st thing he looks at was the problem :dapprove:


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Take the connectors off the rear lights and clean them, they are more than likey a little corroded.
  182/ 172 Cup
Ok cheers, but how does dirty connectors make the indicators flash fast?
Just interested... Thanks kris
The corrosion causes a bad earth connection, if they can't earth properly they break or blow a fuse.

Use a penknife to scratch the terminals to the metal and spray some wd40 on them.
  Ph1 172
i found that the earth termial on the light cluster plug had come loose. had the solder the crimp on in the end.