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*** Induction Kit + Insurance *** HELP **

Hi there,

I have a 2002 1.2 16v Clio and I am about to get a k-tec pipercross kit plus the relocation kit.

Has anyone got one and what did there insurance company say and charge?. Also what was the premium before you put the kit on?



Not worth it. Its a really tiny modification, but its an excuse for your insurance company to invalidate your policy or charge a higher premium.

Some insurers are flexible (Adrian Flux?), but others only deal with standard cars full stop - so Id ring them up and ask "if I put an IK on, will it affect my policy?".

If they say itll invalidate the policy, then youve got to decide to put it on anyway, or wait until the end of the year to find another policy.

A number of years ago, I had a mildly moded Clio Mk1 1.2 with big wheels, lowered suspension, IK/exhaust and some colour-coding. Someone crashed into it and then did a runner, so I had to claim. Just before the assessor came to look at it, I put on the old wheels, took off the IK and took out the ICE. All was fine.

Ironically, now Im trying to get my Valver looking as standard as possible!

The guy who said itll add £100 to your xs???

What the f**k! I work in insurance and you have just decided that every company adds a mere £100 xs!

No chance, itll either invalidate your insurance or itll put a loading % of the premium, some company increase XS but not many.

To be honest, dont declare it its not enough to invalidate a claim and they argue it is just say no-asked you if it was modified and /or explained what this meant.

Worst situation remove it and put a standard one on.
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

You must tell them. Its OK if you can replace the stuff with the originals but what if you cannot!!

Give them a call. My chip,viper & zorst only put it up by £50 a year.