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Induction system on dci65 clio


has anyone on the site had an exhaust systemfitted to their clio Dci65 or 80 yet?

Ive already got an exhaust system fitted and it made a hell of a difference but i was wondering if the removal of the crap looking air box makes much of a diff??

Also removing the air box has revealed the turbos waste gate:cool:

I got my custom made induction fitted today and what a job, its class, the whistle from it is sweet and the grunt is also very nice. But the whistle is the best bit when the turbo spools up the sound of the whoosh then if u just ease off the accelerator it whooshes like a dump valve mad as hell:eek:

Anyone else interested in this product made from polished stainless steel?

i got it placed in behind the grill on the drivers side of the badge. theres a blanking plate there which i removed. The system still incorporates all the air meters etc and receives loads of cold air and has made a slight diff to throttle response and the turbo seems to come on a bit stronger.

Why dont you post a pic mate? Im sure some people will be interested as I know there are a few other dCi owners around these parts... My mums got one so Id be interested in having a look anyway! :)


ill hopefully have pics up by tomorrow low res ones until the weekend when ill get a big camera. its a tad dark now