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Inner Drive Shaft O/S/F Boot Split

  'Berg Sold, Cupra-R
Had an advisory on my recent service to say that my O/S/F inner drive shaft boot was split.

Is this something I need to get a garage to look at and replace? If so any ideas of the price, or is it something I could have a go at repairing?


  'Berg Sold, Cupra-R
Think I'll have a look this weekend to see as I'm changing the pads, do I just re-pack it with grease and jubilee clip it?
yep providing it isn't full of grit and crap!

iirc Molybdenum Disulfide Lithium Based grease is the stuff needed and a new clip.

don't over fill the boot either.
  'Berg Sold, Cupra-R
Is that grease the sort of stuff you can pick up from halfords do you know?

Cheers for the help.