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Installing HU (Radio Antenna Lead)

  Clio 1.4 Dynamique S
I just got my Headunit delivered today, its a Pioneer DEH 6800 MP. Im trying to install it in my Clio 1.2 16v Extreme (02)

Everything is cool apart from where I plug the Radio Antenna lead. Basically at the back of the Unit theres the bit where you plug in the lead (obviously), but the actual lead thats in the Clio doesnt fit. Theres either a bit missing/broken or I need to buy some kind of Antenna Adapter, im not too sure.

Heres a pic of the back of the HU...

Heres a pic of the lead.

I would appreciate any kind of help.

  Polo + Micra
yeah you need an antenna adaptor.

was the hu brand new?? as you usually get one with it