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Installing my ICE

  RB 182
Basically im going to try and install my ICE tomorrow and was wondering a few things as ive never really done anything like this im presuming it's going to be a pretty long job? basicly what ive got is - HU Front Back Amp Sub Wiring

Ok my first question is How hard is it to change the tweeters with the components?
secondly how hard will it be to wire up the back speakers ( theres no wire or speakers there it just comes with a hole, bastads)
And thirdly how should i go about wiring up the amp as i presume this is going to be the hardest part?
Oh and by the way im planning to amp the front components and just run the rear off the HU which i hope should be ok?
Any help much appreciated thanks
  VW Passat 170 sport
Running the fronts shud be ok!

If i was u though, Ud be better looking at JL audio Subs n amps mate. Much better then Alpine in I.C.E and JL is only a tad deerer! but worth it
  Fiesta Zetec S
Running the fronts shud be ok!

If i was u though, Ud be better looking at JL audio Subs n amps mate. Much better then Alpine in I.C.E and JL is only a tad deerer! but worth it

this is comment is down to what you like as many people would say alpines build quality is superiour
JL audio kit is more than a tad dearer than that Alpine stuff listed, I'd go for the Type-R sub if I was you though. You might want a more powerful amp though..

Amping front comps and running rears off the HU is fine, I do it myself!

Can't help with any installation Q's as I've got a Mk1, but wiring up the amp is easier than you think, a good wiring kit will have instructions inside.
  Hondata'd EP3 Type R
I'm a huge fan of JL, but its simply not suitable for a budget.

Anyway here we go.

Have you bought ALL the equipment, you could be better off without the rear speakers, however, I'll presume you have them so I'll go through how to wire them up.

This may not be as "in depth" as I'd normally post, I'm hungover.

First off your componants. These will have woofer, tweeter, and a crossover. Lets look at the Crossover, You will have 6 terminals on that:

Input Positive
Input Negative
Woofer Positive
Woofer Negative
Tweeter Positive
Tweeter Negative

I'd mount your Crossover in your boot if I was you, but it can go behind your doo card if you want it too. Basically, Id run your front componants off Channels 1 & 2, Your Rears off Channel 3 & 4 and your sub off Channel 5.

Yoiu then need to connect your positive from channel 1 to the Input positive your negative from Channel 1 to the input negative on your Crossover. Your Tweeters/woofer now connect to this crossover instead of the amp, Do the same for the other Componant using channel 2.

Now lets take the speaker cover off, and mount the woofer, You may need to take the door card off too, a 5 1/2" Woofer should mount without no problems. If you want the tweeters in stock locations, your going to have to take your dash top off, this invovles about 8 Torx Screws, i think T15 or T20 size. Alternatively just mount them in the supplied pods somewhere in the corners off the dash, Use velcro to secure them. Thats your Componants installed, now the wiring. I'd use new better quality speaker cable, This will involve some fiddling, and cut knuckles lol. (you may need to crimp some connectors on to the speaker cable, I'd just extend the wires from the tweeter) You need to wire the tweeters all the way from your dash too the Crossover, same with the woofer. You can stuff wire under the plastic sills, behind the rear quarter panels, under rear seat and into the boot.

Thats your comps installed. Rear speakers are the same, except no crossovers. Id run some speaker wires through the speaker hole then back into the boot where the amp is. Again, use the rear bench seat to help conceal wires. I'd take this out whilst installing, it just pulls out. Then wire the speaker up (you may need to crimp some connectors on to the speaker cable again) connect up the speaker and then secure the speaker, and pop the cover on. Do the same for both sides. then wire the speakers up to channels 3 & 4 of the amp. (I use Odd numbers for the Left side, Even for the Right, So your Right speakers are running off channel 2 & 4 and LEft speakers off Channels 1 & 3) Remember to keep the polarity correct (Pos and Neg) You should now have ALL your speakers installed, Your Crossovers wired up, and your ready for your sub.

Please note, I wouldnt recomend Rear speakers, but if you have them, and 2 spare channels, Its easier to amp them than run them off the HU if the wiring isnt there, id just run the gains low to the rear speakers.

Now wire your sub up and screw it into your box with the supplied screws. This will connect with speaker wire to your 5th channel on your amp, and will recieve a healthy 300wrms.

Now lets wire the amp up. First off, Disconnect your battery, Safety first :)

Your amp relies on 4 connections.

Power, this comes from the Positive off your battery
Earth, this comes from an earth wire bolted to an earthing point on your car
RCA Cables, These come from the back off your Headunit
Remote Cable, This comes from the back off your head unit.

Lets start with the Earth Wire. This will be a 1 metre Black/silver wire in your wiring kit. Take this and connect the end with a connecter on to an earthing point on your bodywork. I use a seat belt mounting hole with some poaint scraped off. This then connects to your Earth on the amp.

Your power wire (5m red/blue wire) has to come from your engine bay ALL the way to the boot, this is the hardest bit of the install. Id start from the engine bay, but dont connect it up yet. Remember you must fuse within 12" off the battery! Use your fuse distribution block for this. Then bring the power wire through the firewall, by the bonnet release there is a rubber grommit, bring it through here and it will end up somewhere in your passenger footwell. You have now got to take this ALL theway to your boot, use the passenger side and use similar methods to how you concealed your speaker wire. once you get to boot, stop, do not connect this yet.

Now your RCA(s) and Remote come from your head unit. RCA's or phono leads have 2 sets of terminals on each side, usually red and white. connect these to your head unit (you may need 3 RCA's or splitters) and run these up the DRIVERS side, opposite the power wire to reduce interfearence. These need to go all the way to the boot too!

The remote cable is a small thin blue cable, connect this to the remote input on you head unit (may need crimpng) and then run this all the way to your boot.

Connect your earth, RCA, Remote cable, Sub (to channel 5) and lastly the power cable.

Run round to the front, connect the power wire to your Positive on the battery (make sure you are fused!) and turn on and set up :)

Hope i helped, Like I said not as in depth as I'd have liked, Im hungover