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Insurance: 10 month accelerator

is it worth doing this rather than normal 12 month? whats the differences, i heard some companies wont accept a 10 month as a full years no claims?



This is true, some places wont take it. But again it depends how young you are and whether the saving is worth it for you. It was for me ;)

it seems only crappy companies do the 10 month ones (from what i have found) most good companies wont take it as a years ncb either and the original companie will charge you the earth usually for the second year

I had that with elephant. And when they send the proof of no claims for your next insurer, it says 1 year, not 10 months. so the new company shouldnt know unless you tell them.

I moved over to admiral this year, and went for the 12 months, and had no problems.

they are the same company the pirate and the elephant

the gf was lucky she took a policy with morethan with 1 years nxb at the end of the second year it came back saying 3 years ncb lol but then she found out she wasnt covered for driving to work !!!

im starting to feel old, i got a renewal quote for my williams and its 393 quid TPFT lol thats with sainsburys
  BMW 120i Sport

I asked Admiral about this 10 month bonus accelerator and what it would say on my letter if i asked for proof of no claims.

They confirmed it would read "1 year" and not "10 months".

Ive changed from Endsleigh to Elephant to insure my Williams, and Endsleigh said they would except the 10 month as a year for next years insurance.