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Insurance confusion??

  Astra SRi T
I'm with AA insurance, my premium last year was £385 FC with 2 years no claims

just had my renewal thro on Saturday and its £516 FC 3 years no claims. WTF???
im really confused, how can it go up ive not claimed:S
  Oyster Card
Same with my Dad's but he was with Elephant, could be a number of things like is that new bloke a few doors down a convicted Clio thief lol.

Nah seriously just phone around a few places for quotes or try brokers like


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
Its pretty normal for your renewal quote to go up regardless of whether you have had a claim .

I've just renewed mine with adrian flux . The initial quote was £595 ,baring in mind i haven't had any claims . I rang round also on the net and got a better quote of £435 from privilege so flux beat andi ended up paying £430 .Just phone lots of other insurance companys , go on the net and i'm pretty sure you'll get a better quote .The AA hav always quoted me silly prices on the 172 and now my 182 .
  Astra SRi T
oooh im not sure??

AA pissed me right off, they said my premium last year was wrong and they had quoted a wrong price it should of been £526 NOT £385!?!

So it gave me a 'false impression' of what i thought this yrs price should be. oh well at least i got away with it cheaper than it should be for a year. my excess was only £100 too. Now its £500 cause im under 25, but will drop to £250 next may, not to bad i suppose:rolleyes: