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  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Just got the Clio insured for £946-75 !!!!!!!! Through Diamond... £400 cheaper than Tescos :D

NOT......... GOTTA....... BUY

MORRIS 1000........ or.... errrrrrr.............. VOLVO.......

CANT RESIST........ the FORCE..... is DRAWING ME IN.....


Paddy, you have dipped........ SWINE !!!!!!!!!! lol :D
  Skoda Fabia vRS

diamond are cheap for women, i wouldnt expect a good quote if your a bloke

you need


I dont know! you might be better off being the only person they insure who can actually drive!?!


  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

If you are male, they wont insure you.

Girlfriend used them for two years untill I suggested she try liverpool-victoria, (BRUN you are a mind of good information (P.S. got the oil)) and they quoted £250 cheaper than diamond fully comp instead of 3rd party with diamond.

  honda accord 2.4 type s

Gotta say that now im mature;) esure have always been spot on with me. Halved what i was paying with Admiral:D

Im with esure now (but they seem to require a minimum of 4yrs NC). Before that Eagle Star were the cheapest I could find. An online quote from them was about £250 less than the renewal notice they sent me last year though!