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Insurance difference between a Campus and Campus Sport!!?

  Mini Cooper
Just wondering what insurance group the 1.2 8v Campus is compared to the 1.2 16v Campus Sport!!

Also, after recommendations of places to get it insured, il keep with my current insurer now til december but will then need new insurance!!

Il be 20 with 1 years no claims, and held licence for 2 years!??

How much should I be looking to pay on the Campus Sport fully comp!??

  Mini Cooper
how much would it be to insure my girlfriend on it aswell!?

shes 18, and will have just passed her test!! will be 2nd named driver!?

is it much to add someone on!?
  RB 182
Mine is 1400 with 550 off for pass plus but im only 17. With RAC by far the cheapest for me:) fully comp as well