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Insurance Renewal Dilemma

  Golf MK7,GSX-R600 L4
Ok, got my renewal through for my 172 Cup, £460 for 12 month :approve:... not bad, but I could protect my 5 years no claims discount for only £560 for the year.... can't decide whether to skimp on my insurance and stick with unprotected for £460 and risk it or be on the safe side and fork out the extra £100.:S

What would you guys do?
  VW Golf TDI
nooo trust me i insured my car 26th march didnt protect my 5 yrs ncb and smashed into a wall on the 28th march, so i was gutted put my insuracne up by 200 pound and i have 2 yrs ncb now, and i had to pay out 500 quid excess

  Golf MK7,GSX-R600 L4
suppose like, better to be safe than sorry. Took wor lass off the policy just to be double safe for keeping my NCB!
I didn't pay the extra £100, and I've had two incidents where afterwards I wished I had. Just hope I can hold out until April. Next time I'll bite their hand off to get it.

Actually, can you get PNCB mid-way through the cover?

Plus, you have a cup and it's coming up to winter ;)


  RB 182 Cup
Just interested, who are you insured with?

I've just f*cked Norwich Union off and moved to ADMIRAL.
Last year £420, this year £530 - and I've had no accidents! Looked around and all in all Admiral were cheapest.

Got my new cover, £375 per year inclusive of declared mods (filter, stainless exhaust)
I am 34, got 16 years no claims bonus, no accidents, fines etc.
Full comp and NCD is PROTECTED too.

Seems reasonable. They were also £60 cheaper on the missus's car, so I've gone for one of their MULTI-CAR Policies.

I insured both cars for £10 more than Norwich Union "quoted me tw4tty" for the 172 alone!

EDIT: Yes, go for the protected NCD!
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  Golf MK7,GSX-R600 L4
My quote was through Direct line, my gf has a policy with them so i put that info in and I think they give some more discount. Their NCB declaration box thingy only goes to '5 years or more'.

I can't understand how renewal quotes can go up when you have no accidents etc ... thats the whole point of building up NCB!