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Insurance renewal!

My ins is due at the end of the month, so ive been ringing round & checking online for the best deal....

Has anyone on here tried Sainsburys? Theyve been doing car ins for about 3 months, but i got a quote today for fully comp, NCD protected & £100 excess for £319!!!!!!!!

Granted, i am an old git (30) with full NCD, but this beat last years premium by £95!!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

try Liverpool Victoria 0800 514 514, quoting reference BMHN

ive got about 6 people at work with them now cos they all tried em an saved money, upto £700 in one particular case and increased cover

Liverpool victoria wouldnt even quote me :eek: I just bought mine today: 20 y/o 3ncb Clio 16v - £920 f/c EagleStarDirect:D
  Clio 190bhp Hybrid

I changed from Elephant to Esure this year as they were cheapest. £0 voluntary and compulsary excess and £1000 hifi cover as standard. Very good.

Didnt try Elephant Matt????????

Sorted it now with Sainsburys. Esure do all their checking for them but on a slighty diff points system

Sainsburys wouldnt even insure me. And thats on a 1.4 RT, 1 ncb 21 years old (me not the car :) ) And I work for them! They said it was because I was a student...which seems a bit odd because being a student doesnt add anything to the price as its a low risk group.

Tesco wanted to rape me when I said I had alloys on, so I went with CIS as they let you do any none engine modifications for free.