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Clio 182 insurance quotes (Ballpark)


ClioSport Club Member
  BG FF 182
As from the end of this month, I'll be able to buy a second car. Something quick, fun, possible future classic etc....aka a Clio 182 :smile:

I've been on comparison sites, looking for a good deal and called the odd specialist.

I know there are many variables to insurance quotes. Driver age, NCB, postcode, annual mileage to name only a few.

I thought it would be a good idea to document what we pay for our respective insurance cover? Maybe some are unknowingly paying over the odds? Might save a few of us a few quid :)

Just a few basic details of my best quote.
Car: Clio 182
Valued: £3000
Age: 38
Postcode: HD7
Annual mileage: 6,000
NCB: 9 years.
Points: 0
Cover: Fully Comprehensive
Premium: £383


ClioSport Club Member
  BG FF 182
Why has no one ever thought of this before?

Put it this way, I called a very popular insurance broker, and they quoted me £700!

A lot of people might take this as the normal amount, and not bother looking elsewhere.

On the flip side, the cheapest quote may not be the best quote. I've been driving over 20 years and thankfully, never made a claim, so can't comment on particular brokers.

Just thought it would be an interesting subject :up:


West Midlands
ClioSport Area Rep
Clio 182
Value 2.5k
Age 29
Post code DY2
Milage 5k
NCD 4 years
Points 0
Cover fully comp
Premium £375

All mods declared 200hp limit


ClioSport Admin
I'm sure there's a thread for this but I can't be arsed to look.

Mines around £400.

26, Clio 197, Cheshire postcode, no points, Mrs is on the policy too

Why has no one ever thought of this before?

Mines about tree fiddy.



ClioSport Club Member
if you've owned several cars for years,
mines 36yo 9 ncb bagdad postcode £240 inc mods


ClioSport Club Member
  BG FF 182
@Tim. I've just got a company car, for work plus social and pleasure. My old private car policy ran out April 2016, so getting a second car now (182) keeps my NCB :)