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Insurance renewed

  Astra (H) VXR
Edit: title should be insurance renewal

Just did a quick check on confused for a guide price, now bearing in mind I do less than average millage, I'm 26, have an extra years no claims and driving experience and No claims or convictions in the past 5 years. last year my insurance was £530 now this year


The top price is with one of them boxes to monitor your driving.... Now why would I ruin driving pleasure for the sake of £2 lol... But what I don't understand is why it's gone up so much.
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  Clio 182 Cup (FF)
Try green light insurance. Has been good for me.

3 years no claims/26 years old.

£650 mods declared
I had the same problem this year cheapest I could get was Adrian Flux for 480 sky wanted 700 and thats with 10 years no claims and im 31.
  Astra (H) VXR
^^ Jesus that's mental.... Must have put it all up again

And thanks loz al give them a bell tomorrow.
  ITB BG 182
Ive renewed my insurance with Greenlight, even though alot of people on here dont like them I have never (touch wood) had any problems with them.

30yro ban and 3 points on license all mods declared right down to breaks, lights and tints plus living in a not so nice area and my insurance was £483, oh only 4 NCB too...