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:mad: bloody insurance companies!!!

got an online quote from norwich union direct (im with them now) for a price for my 172. The renewal is coming up on 3rd march and i hadnt had anything from them and wanted to see how much itd be. Went onine and got a quote of £543, i got some more quotes and this was the cheapest. Hmm ok i thought ill stay with them - then today i get my renewal through the post and its £628.96!!!! i phoned them and explained i got a cheaper quote from their website and was told it was for new customers..............WTF! so loyal customers pay more than a new one?

shopped around and came across which came out at £522.68 :D so sod you norwich!!!!

have u tried I got mine down from £1411 to £560!!!! Im 25 with 2 years NCD by the way...I was shocked to say the least.


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It could be cheaper online ,because they might allow 10% discount for online customers as do several other insurance companies.

If you push them, they will knock money off to keep your custom, you just need to play them off against other companies. It might take a bit of your time, but you could save over £100 which would buy you a lot of petrol!
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I somehow managed to get insured on a 2.0 16v Fiesta for £800 fc at 20 with 2 yrs ncb lol, I pay £950 on the Williams with 2 yr ncb also.

Fez is with HIC, Williams is with Diamond.
  Clio 200 FF

Hey mickey what are you doing on the computer at 11.00pm? i told you to go to sleep at 8.00, just wait till i tell your gran youre awake :D

When i phoned nu to complain i was told i could have a 5% discount but sainsburys was still cheaper, now without the internet most peeps would just pay up............