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Hey guys Im about ready to buy a Mk1 172 but before I do Im trying to sort out a reasonable insurance quote. My current insurer Churchill said they wouldnt offer me insurance until Im 30 on a 172, seeing as Ive only just hit 25 thats a long time to wait! Can anybody recommend any insurance companies I can try for a reasonable quote?


have a look through my thread posted on page 2, "Read this"

Everyone chucked in and gave loads of company recomendations!

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I pick my 172 MK1 up thursday morning, and cant wait!!

For insurance i went to directline. Get a qoute online.

Im 24 full NCB 16K miles a year £200 xcess - Fully comp £641.55 or protected NCB £748.65

Im in Norfolk

worth a try


If you join Cliosport you can get a quote through our discount insurance broker - details only to be found in the members section though!
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Im with Tesco and they seem to be one of the best around for price - am 27 with full protected NCB, 2 claims and only costs me about £750pa which was only £250 more than the insurance on my old 1.4 Alize?!?

i go a quote from the cliosport insurance - they wouldnt insure me on a williams.

i am 22, 5 yrs no claims.

I got a freekin bargain this year. £291 in a clio with a 5turbo lump in, fully declared! I paid £500 last year on my nova on 40s

24, 4 years NCB
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Tescos is good - i got a quote of 704 fully comp 3 yrs ncb and 5% dicoiunt for buying online - worth checking - has anyone had any quotes from the cliosport club insurance scheme yet?
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Found elephant cheapest for me last year and being on line you can change things to see how it affects your quote. This year esure proved better and cheaper. esure should take you if you have 4yrs no claims.