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Insuring a VW on Renault insurance

  Mk2 Golf GTI

Ive got a pretty good feeling they would say no, but was wondering if i could change my policy to insure a different car (non-renault) or whether they would make me cancel.

The only way i though i might have a chance is that Renault are not the actual insurers, it goes through direct line. So maybe i could keep a policy with direct line and carry on with the remaining 6 months?

Do you mean you have a free insurance policy with a new Renault and want to swop to another car? If so forget it.

If you have a policy you paid for yourself with Renault iinsurance you should be fine.

Renault insurance are underwritte by uki. which is all the same company as tesco direct line churchill citroen pug and a load more. Im at work there now.

And yeh they will insure any make of car on renault
  Mk2 Golf GTI

sweet, ill have to get some quotes then. Edde im not on the free insurance any more, just renewed with them. Ill have to ring up though as they gave me 2 years no calims last year instead of one because i renewed with them. I wont change if that is affected