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was thinking about stripping the back seats out? do most of you lot do this or tend to stay away from it? im in two minds weather to bother or not :confused:
  VW ....

Havent done it myself but from what i have read on here by folks that have done it its fairly easy .

usually done for losing weight for quarter miling/track days.

well not really about weight and its a very light sub actually not heavy spl punching one lmao yer like id take out seats then put 15" sub in or something! its just 1 10" that i could do a spaced out install with? and plus id still save weight without seats coz if i dint have em out id have sub in the boot along with seats!
  Rb 182

The back of my 93 Rt is stripped out and it defenatly feels a little more responsive. The problem with have no rear seats and ICE is the thefs around my way!


Itll only you 5 minutes to take the rear seats out as the bench folds down and the back rest is only hooked in at the bottom no screws or bolts required at all

Mines boarded out with thin mdf and carpeted over with acoustic cloth which is ideal for me as i carry surveyors ladders alot and they didnt fit in the boot with the seats in

Each to there own really
  Golf GTI 1.8T

would be a good weight loss, but if your going to put ICE in then Djw Dave had a very good point, would be a piece of piss to nick your install in seconds!
  182 and 5 GTT

i did in my 1.2:oops:! But thats because they havnt been retrimmed though. Also dont really like back seat passengers, so it gives me the perfect excuse!