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Iphone 4 16gb- how many songs can you get on it?


ClioSport Club Member
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As above, my dad is getting a iphone 4, cool or what haha, he wants to know how many songs he will be able to get on it?
I really dont kbiw as idont have many songs on mine
Thanks in advance if you can give me an idea


ClioSport Club Member
But... all songs are different lengths? lol.

As a rule of thumb, a 16GB capacity gives you storage for ~3800 songs at an average length of three minutes.

Bear in mind that it's not 16GB free. That's total storage. My 32GB iPhone 4 has 29GB of free space when it's empty.


ClioSport Club Member
Well, yeah. That's kinda what I was getting at.

Photos can take up a surprising amount.

App updates are one to watch, too. They won't install if you have less than 5% capacity.


My iphone4 16gb had 14gb available when out of the box; depending on the quality of the audio you should get 3000 tracks on it.

I filled my with 500 ish songs all on high kbps; but used the convert feature in itunes to reduce the file size:D