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iPhone failed

  1 Series Coupe

I have just updated 6 applications that popped up on my iPhone. They installed, the iPhone rebooted and now doesn't switch on. I.e. Comes on, the black screen with the Apple logo comes up, then it switches off.

I have plugged in into my Mac and iTunes won't reconise it. Looks like it will be a visit to Apple tomorrow...

Anyone got any ideas? Tom?


  1 Series Coupe
Got it restored now. Had a look on the internet and people have had the same problem.. Apparently it gets confused on boot?
  Fiesta Zetec S TDCI
Congrats on recovering it...

It's made by apple - expect there to be problems & times when it will only brandish the Apple logo rather than being useful :p

(Says someone who's embarrassed that they bought the iPhone - because they hate apple, but love the whole hackability of the iPhone)