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iPhone mms o2 sim only contract problems, strange one!

  K20 EG Hatch
OK got a problem I can't sort out and have called o2 three times now with no success.

iPhone 3GS 3.1.2 FW and o2 sim only contract (not a iPhone contract).

o2 have confirmed that my mms is active on my account and it's all fine there end. I have changed the settings correctly 100% with the right ones.

Now if I change the settings to the correct ones my phone is constantly searching for signal whether I have 3G on or off. If I change the mms settings back to "idata" (iphone contract settings) it gets signal fine.

Also if I change just the cellular data settings to the correct ones signal is still fine and internet works fine but the minute i change the mms settings to the correct ones the signal goes again!

o2 are saying that changing the mms settings cannot effect the signal, but it definitely does!

Anyone with any ideas please post as its frustating as hell and o2 customer services aren't giving me much help and the girl in the o2 shop doesn't know her arse from her elbow!


  K20 EG Hatch
Got one, they sent me two when I ordered my contract.

This morning phoned o2 again and they've swapped me over onto the other sim card. Still the same.

They then got me to try changing mms settings to wap and keeping data settings as idata. Still the same! In the end they've just told me to book an appointment with the genius bar which I have done for this afternoon.

Strange thing is i'm now running no jailbreak or unlock restored through itunes on o2 and it doesn't work lol. Before hand I was jailbroke and unlocked with t-mob and didn't have one single problem lol! I can't see how it could be a faulty phone!?

Get a new sim. Then come back to me.