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ipod car holder/docking station


ClioSport Club Member
  Renaultsport 220T

Mounted my ipod in the Dension cradle inside the glove box. It fits neatly on the left hand wall. It plugs into the CD aux on the back of the standard head unit, and you can use the stock controller to scroll through playlists.

Ill take a shot for you tomorrow.

No more CDs in car!
  2.0 175dci rs meggy

i have a valver

can you just get the dension dock station as i have already got a alpine stereo with the ipod adapter!!!

My mate been talking about some company doing it for Audi or something doing one that is sex as with wee leds to light up the ipod, has the aux cable built in too.

Ill give him a shout an see what an were (I should really listemn more) wanna get something for my 182 when I get it too.

A variant of that connects2 adaptor is actually used in the Dension kit for Renaults. I recently bought a Dension kit for my 182 and am planning on doing a write up for this site on what it is, how it works and how to install it etc. What this space...!