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Ipod Nano 3rd Gen Prices?

With the new 4th Generation Ipod out how much should I be expecting to pay for an 8Gb 3rd Generation? also do the shops still have these or do they just send them back to Apple when the new ones came out?

the new 8gb one is £109 from argos.. with the old 8gb one costing £129 iirc.

i took my 3rd gen back as it brok and got the new one instead.. its very nice..
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I'd really love to get my hands on a new Black Nano 16GB but the release date keeps on getting delayed. I phoned the Apple Store and they couldn't tell me exactly when they'd be in stock ready to send out either. Currys changed their date from the 24th (today) to the 29th. Other stores say early October.

Simplyelectronics and purelygadgets have them to ship but I haven't heard great things about either. I think they take stock from HK and send it here.
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I'm reviewing the 4th gen now (in orange) and it's the best nano since the original.

I never really liked the fat and stubby 3rd gen, I found it uncomfortable to hold while navigating.

I'm not convinced of the shake/shuffle feature on the new one, but I do like the cross fade.