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is a powerflow exhaust werth the money??

ive heard a few stories about powerflow having stupidly think welds and the box's rusting
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They vary from place to place. The one local to me was great and my (heavily ragged) 7 year old exhaust has started to fail due to (they admitted it) the poor quality SS which they no longer use. TBH it could be bs but I'm getting a new one fitted for free so if this last 7 years I'll be more than happy...£250 cat back too!

varies like a heart monitor, i went to a place in bolton that butchered my megane, had to spend alot to get it fixed, i've retained their backbox, thats it.
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im going to look elsewhere as i went in to my local dealer and for a catback system for a 197 they were going to charge me £650!!!!! errrr no thanks!:dapprove:


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  535d / t5 caravelle
i have a fair few powerflow systems, all have been spot on, and from the burnley depo
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all about Prospeed exhaust charlie is a top man with a top job well worth it £350 got me a cat back stealth with a decat :)
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My Powerflow is just babb.....rusty box from using a rubbish grade of stainless steel, infact it was paper thin and had to welded back. The cat split after two weeks of it being fitted, so they just chopped it out and bodged a new one in its place. And just a really rubbish fit.

It was Powerflow in Leeds and paid around £380, I believe they are no longer in business.

But suppose each branch is different!
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On the basis that they quoted £650 I'd go elsewhere tbh, however I've had a custom decat fitted and welded by powerflow in morecambe, they did an excellent job.

When I made a hint about the welding not being up to scratch I was told the welder has welded more exhausts than I've had hot dinners, I lol'd.

Matt W

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  Suzuki Jimny
I got mine done for £280 from my local Powerflow fitter, and it has been spot on, still shiney after 11 months :)


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  Clio 200 RS EDC
i have a fair few powerflow systems, all have been spot on, and from the burnley depo

Same here my exhaust on my williams was perfection - I was half tempted to go back there before I got another standard renault exhaust.
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Just had mine done at unique exhaust in Stafford, £320 for back box, middle section and decat. Top quality job as always.


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Poo flow?

They are a joke mate. My 182 came with one fitted when I bought it. it went straight in the bin. Bottle necks everywhere, rough welding and it didn't even stay on the car.

Stay well away. Buy an off the shelf system. There are loads out there to choose from.