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is aslant the right word in eglish?

  Clio RS




pleas find right word for discrition what i had done with my car :D

Greetings from Germany:approve:
  BMW 320d SE
Yeah looks sweet. I'm loving the colour coding and the headlamp washer removal - it just smooths the whole front of the car really well. :D
  Turbo'd MX-5 MK4
doesn't look like a 172 to me, wrong silver, no Xenons, non-coloured bump strips on a ph2?
20 replies and not one of them has answered his question, lol.

It's on a bit of a slant, yes.

In car terms it's body roll (as has already been pointed out).
  ClioSport 182
Is it jus me or does tha look bit different to other 172's.. jus somthin bout the front, looks different to 1s over here
  Chocolate Bar™
oooooo looks nice and shiny! f*ck britain, i'm moving to germany at least they sell decent parts over there lol
  Clio RS
I've polished engine mounting by my self, thats the original part from renault.
Front and rear strut brace are from wiechers, in polished alu too.

The carbon strut brace from K-tec i dont like so much.

You don't want to come to germany, belive it. Our technical supervisory association (in german called "TÜV") is despiteous for young people with head and heart for tuning.:quiet:
  172 Cup
Not a fan of colour coded fog light surrounds either. Does look low tho, pretty cool. Needs SilverVisions as mentioned above.