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Is it a Clio or a DTM car? help me find a quieter exhaust.

Hey folks,

First post on here as my Clio 182 arrived at 1pm today.

The car is currently fitted with a Powerflow exhaust and de-cat pipe - it's incredibly loud.

Does anyone know if I can just swap in a cat and make it quieter, also those £80 cats on ebay seem far too cheap - what's the crack with them?

If anyone has a standard exhaust setup, I'd be keen to swap! Based in East London



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  mk8Fiesta ST,172 cup
cat wont make much difference. person who fitted the powerflow probably asked for extra chavvy loud please.


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one of the 182s I bought came with a chavtastic powerflow, it used to make my ears bleed! I replaced it with a ktec centreline, what a joy to drive after that! I fitted a ktec silenced decat with it too


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Plenty of quiet systems out there, Scorpion & Miltek to name two. Fitted with a centre section (resonator) and a cat it will be perfectly fine and likely barely louder than normal.


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  ph1 172, Arctic182
I need to do this too, my ktec is unresonated which is nice at full chat and at tickover just not cruising at 60
Is there a standard exhaust replica for sale online? I'm not bothered about upgrading the performace of the car, I just want it diveable.

Seen this on ebay, it's the only one that doesn't brag about noise, race or power increases



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I’m in a similar position, my car has a Scorpion RS192 ‘cat back’ with a decat basically it’s a straight through bodge from manifold to back box! I’m desperate to refit a cat and some form of middle box. Alas standard cats are too expensive even second hand now. So I’m likely to fit a aftermarket or sports cat
  monaco 172
Cat makes a massive difference to the volume.

I used a 90 quid eBay special cat on my 172, it passed the mot no problem and the quality was really good. Even came with a fitting fit, which I binned and used a genuine Renault kit