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Is it wrong to think tyre tread on my yokos looks sexy?


ClioSport Club Member
  Gentlemans spec 200
Ps, you'll get a great view of them when the weather turns nasty. Upside down in a ditch;)
  "Navy" N17 TWO
I've seen a far sexier looking crack rather than the threads on a tyre :S

You NEED to get out more lol
Sad yeah. Thankfully there are not pics !

I did compare my old Eagle F1 tread with some Adidas Good Year trainers once, that's sad too.


Formerly Mashed up egg in a cup
ClioSport Club Member
Knows! We never go about rubbishing other makes, sadly we know they are for heros in the wet!
innit! i drive like a pussy in the wet and my milage is LOW at the moment so im not arsed. i save my fun for dry days when the Parada pwns

(i live in manchester and therefore am fully aware it is never dry)


Formerly Mashed up egg in a cup
ClioSport Club Member

Totally agree naith, no matter what tyres I have on I would still drive like a gay in the wet, these really suit my dry day blasts even in november time.