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Is this a good price?

  1.2 Mk2 Ph2
Ive got 172 bumpers for my dynamique, the front bumper has been 'semi-modded' to fit the standard wings, rear bumper fits perfect... Ive been quoted £260 to have the bumper sorted so it fits perfect (sanded down/filled/holes drilled to screw the bumper on etc).. and both the bumpers and spoiler sprayed... is 260 a good price? Seems OK to me but Ive never had to have any body work or spraying done before so i want to make sure before i go ahead with it. cheers
Sounds cheap to be honest... The 260 includes pain you say?

yeah, for 260 he gets the bumper sanded and drilled etc, then both bumpers and spoiler sprayed and lots of PAIN!!! :L

haha jk man

but that is a fantastic quote tbh, have you heard anything of this company's reputation? or seen any of their work?
  1.2 Mk2 Ph2
yeahh that includes paint and everything else needed.. and all ive seen is whats in there workshop whenever ive been in there and it looks spot on to me :)


Agreed with everyone else! You have got yourself a bargin for everything your getting done there!