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Is this true

Ive heard that there may be a new "Billabong" Clio coming out? IS this true? Someone, anyone?

Seeing as how Im a billabong clothing freak it would be rude not to buy one!(if indeed it exists)
  307 hdi (powered by derv)

hello my friend yes they are bringing out a billabong to replace the extreme, go to and look at spec of extreme or dynamique because the billabong is just different interior, slightly better stereo and some billabong stickers on the side, with out going down stairs to get price list it is roughly 9000, i am glad this has helped, if you do decide to get on let me know how it is because i decided to go for the dynamique. i would like to know what the billabong is like. renault dealers may not have any pics yet because it is that new.

if there aint any significant changes then I will stick with my Dynamique, (may look into getting the badges though)

Will wait to see it in the flesh or at least a good photo of it b4 making my mind up

Apparently R-Sport are bringing out a new version of the now infamous 172

Its tentatively titled "the 172 Off the Road" and features an AWD transmission, bull bars, 16inch alloys shod in 195/80 tyres, canvas roof membrane and side/rear windows.............." Its to hit the american market and try to take back sales of the Humby with the European version.

The 172 Off the Road has an increased track of almost 600mm and fully adjustable automatic suspension including sensors to adjust automatically to the terrain.

Sounds good...........I think the first spy shots are in Auto Express in a fortnight?

Yes, its true. It replaces the Extreme and is based on the Dynamique. It has metallic paint ( 1 of which is a new Citrus Green ), a similar interior to the Extreme ( though slightly darker ), silver fascia inserts with Billabong logo, Billabong sill protectors and Billabong badges on each rear wing. Free Insurance for 19 year olds on the 1.2 16V and dCi 65.