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Isle Of Man TT 2012

  Clio 172, Pug 106
Just thought id put up a few pics from my recent trip to the isle of man for the TT...

Fantastic week and highly recommend at some point you go!!

i took over 2000 pics in the week so ive put a few below and then the link to my FlickR at the bottom, there are about 400 on there aswell :)
First time ive really used my canon 1100d since i bought it so any advise on the pics would be appreciated....

Some of the pics could do with a bit more editing, but i didnt realise how hard it was to get the perfect picture from bikes doing 150+mph!!

I am looking forward to next year though once ive learnt more functions on the camera and how to use it better!







My Flickr link for the rest : -


  Superleggera'd Bean
Oh my god my eyes, Comic Sans is horrible....

4th is my favourite. The other kinetic shots seem a little out of focus and very 'soft', good attempts though!
  Clio 172, Pug 106
Watermark was just something quick as I was messing! I've still got the original pics so need too sort it!!

This year was mainly one big learning curve with the camera! So hopefully next year I can get some shots that are alot better!
Still gettig to grip with Lightroom and the camera :)

te mountain course is fantastic, I was gutted in the week we couldn't manage one full lap of the course due too accidents and weather closures

Thanks for your input!
  Clio 172, Pug 106
Haha I didn't even notice what font it was! I just chose to add tr watermark and txt!!
still cant work out how to have ghosted images as watermarks!
  Superleggera'd Bean
Depends how you are doing it.

Easiest way is Photoshop. Text layer>set opacity to 50%.
  Clio 172, Pug 106
Depends how you are doing it.

Easiest way is Photoshop. Text layer>set opacity to 50%.

Ahh winner! Ive got photoshop I just thought it looked mega complicated!
Will give it go later on!
I didn't even notice the Motorsport camera settings guide on here till yesterday! That would of helped!
  Superleggera'd Bean
Yeh if you're using photoshop the easiest way to do it is using text.

Create your text layer with what you want.
Go to the layer box (bottom right as default)
Find the text layer and click on it.
Where it says opacity above it move the slider to where you want it. It adjusts how 'see through' it is for you.
  clio 182cup
just looking around internet and i fell on this vimeo ... what the fOOk !!!
Never seen a poem such this !!!

I love road racing and this is more than my brain can cope with ... 320 km/h ?
Butterflies couldn't open wider for such a long time on a curvie road !

Loved the song too... Sharon is super zerman milf ... for sure she is better than audis :lolup: