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ITB's & Standard ECU

K-Tec Racing

ClioSport Trader
trouble is the std ECU uses MAP sensor for load measuring.

ITB's typically use throttle angle..

its not easy to get them to work on MAP, and its nowhere near as direct as throttle angle anyhow.
Has anyone actually tried this? i read somewere that taking a map line from
each runner into a small chamber to equalise the presure before the map sensor would work but response would suffer slightly

I take you mean phase 1 ecu as FBW TB's would be pushing it imo
I know that Paul@RS tuning was looking into it and that his S/Charged ph1 was runing standard ECU but not sure what happened with the ITB thing.
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he didnt get it sorted on stock ecu hes going to be using an ecu hes made him self think he also had the same trouble with the map sensor
It would! However as far as I know Paul is still working on running ITB's with the standard ECU - only as a bit of a side/fun project.

There's no reason it can't be done as the fall back mode in Sirius for a failed map is Alpha-N, it just needs a lot of tinkering with and obviously time is something Paul (and me!) are always short of LOL.