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its not unluckydan for nothin!!

how unlucky is youre story?
im a proud new owner of a 2004 clio 182 in black:cool:
whats not:cool: is i bought the car around a month ago,paying 3,200 the thios happened-

as soon as i collected the car i noticed it was cryin out for the infamous dephaser pulley,so at the dealers cost it was arranged.
after 1week a new dephaser & cambelt kit for good measure and i get the phone call to say shes all goodto go,woooohooo my182 is ready!
36 miles down the road at 85 miles an hour on cruise control n the crank pulley comes loose..............bye bye engine:mad:
my 182 is now undergoin major surgery,i still dont know if its being rebuilt or getting a transplant!
so heres to a new car and a new year,it can only get better!
well i had problems with mine... started with cv boot den then when the dealers took it 4 test drive the rear bearing collapsed.. so 3days l8a got told i can collect so was over the moon just 2b told when i got there that they hadnt put the rear shims on when they changed the breaks so it ended up at the cost of the dealer NEW STUB AXLE,REAR PADS,DISCS,BEARINGS,CV boot... or yea and i finally gt my car back 5 days later
ahh man bet we all hav tales of woe am sure,i shudnt really consider myself too badly off cos im likely to get a rwebuild or a lower miles lump fitted cos mine had 117k on her,shes mint inside n out,she hada refurb to all 4 wheels finnished in satin black so hopefully at some point i will have a sorted motor!thanks for your support peeps in these sad times:cry:
yeah,think hes almost probably more cheesed than me,his mech.came out to recover me and looked rather sheepish,1st wave of work was just over 450-00,then it was all binned!-Vnice inferno likin the orange n black alot
the problem was the dealers where i bought it in the north east... i mean after all the sales man tried 2 tell me it had ABS and TRACTION control... ha
Haha there's a whole thread on here about things Renault dealers have said. They're clueless!
just gotta try not sparkin them at times like this... luckily for me the dealers in bedford where really helpful and just went ahead with the work and then rand where i bought the car n told them they were sending the bill... only 1 gd thing 2come out of this is youl have a nicely rebuil engine.. wey i kept telling myself atleast av got a new rear axel n such alike and hasnt cost me anything