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iTunes. Can I add everything?

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Just got an iPhone. 16GB. Got about 15GB of music in my folder, but don't want half of it on there.

Can I add everything to iTunes and then pick what I want transfering? Or will it add everything onto the phone anyway?

Can I get a folder view of the memory so I can just drag and drop?
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You tell itunes where all your music is on the PC and it finds that- it doesn't put it all on the iphone/ipod- only the stuff you want.

You create playlists in itunes and then you select or unselect which playlists get synced to the iphone when you connect it.

Ah. Thankyou.

But does that mean I have to create playlists for everything:(

How else are you going to select the tracks you want on the phone?
It doesn't just know and select the right tracks at random ;)

Playlists are by far the best way.. I just have an "iPhone" playlist, and anything in there gets synced.
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If its like the ipod, just pick manualy manage music. then drag and drop what you want.
no need for playlists, although they are handy.