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ive crashed my car tonight !!!!


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  Lazy v8

i was coming home from work around 5:15pm and was coming down a wide open main road from a town centre speed limit was 30mph i was slowing down cos a car infront was stopping to let a guy out a junction now the junktion is huge its from a big housing estate and you can see lots of the road ne way the guy comes out the junction and by this time i have stopped behind the car infront of me and i see this mondeo coming down the road and coming up to junction ne way guy in front of me pulls away and the woman stops at junction and by this time i have started to move and instead of stopping she pulls out from junction and i must of been doing 25mph and i couldnt belive it so i jam on brakes and swearve and bang she goes in to my side i end up on other side of road (lucky no other cars were coming) and i get out shouting at her cos it was her fault and the guy that pulled out before her stops and says i saw it all and asks me if im ok so i park up car with hazards on and she says i live just across the road ill go park up and get pen and paper ne way witness comes and makes sure im fine and then i get massive shake attack and the witness has a pen and pad and doses a drawing and gives me his name and number and he goes off so i stand there waiting and waiting and eventually she comes back out and she says sorry it was my fault, sorry i took so long i had to change my trousers and shoes cos im going out and then says oh what happened i cant remember !!!!!! so i take details and come home ive looked at damage and looks like i need new front bumper passanger side front arch and new passenger side alloy as its really badly scratched up her mondeo needs a new black cheep bumper which isnt a body colour 1.

so i will call insurance tomorrow and get a quote i spose.


will take piccys tomorrow

im sooo sad my pride and joy has been violated she feels dirty now she told me :(
  Skoda Fabia vRS

hi mate, already spoke to you about this over MSN, bad sh*t

one thing though is to call the police about it, NOW, you need an accident number or somethin for the insurance, and you might actually be able to call the insurance tonight, some are open til 8pm or even later

hope your ok and the car gets sorted quickly and well


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ok called cis and spoke to them and they took details and r sending me a claim form etc.

the woman on the fone was very funny and said bloody woman drivers shouldnt allow them on the road lol.

oh well only time will tell

hope me brummer is ok as i love her dearly and dont want to lose her



know exactly how you feel mate, some dozey b**ch has now just ruined ya day! Go listen to some headbanging music! You have to ask yourself(as i did) what the hell are we doing wrong, i mean we spend a lot of money and take a lot of pride in our motors and whats it all for, just takes some bimbo with no clue of reality to fu*k us all over..........just cant win.

mine was a writew off though mate, hope yours isnt,


Actually a lot are open 24/7. I know mine was, I was in the middle of scotland at 2250 on a sunday. And they picked up straight away. They told me exactly what to do, and sorted everything out for me, including a tow back to endinborough. Which was a good 3 hours away (we were staying there). But if its that womens fault then you need to speak to the police. Then you wont have to pay a thing. She sounds like an idiot from what you say.


Oh, you did it already. Damn slow dialup and slow typing. Well I was doing it one handed from my bed...dont get any ideas! I am ill!


Bloody hell, bad news. At least you got a witness - always very useful !!!

Ok, I think its time for someone to post something possitive on this board - we all need cheering up!
  BMW 335i M-Sport

heres a tip for everyone always carry a disposable camera in the glovebox wish i had when a bmw killed my saxo it took 2 years to settle start to finish


you were driving like a lunatic....

you werent watching in front... and you hit another car..


no probs...

you WERE not aware of your surroundings.....

Simple mistake.. (And I HAVE done it !..)..

but, its you at fault dood.. !

oooops, back into hybernation...:devilish:


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  Lazy v8

hnmm thought u had gone

i dont need stuff like that even if its a joke just not called for when somthing like this happens.



  Shiny red R32


Are you insured fully comprehensively or third party fire and theft? Also do you have legal protection? This is always very useful if the person causing the accident tries to deny liability, because then your insurance company appoints a lawyer to take up the case and fight for you.

If it is the latter, I hope the woman (why do blokes blame them?) has admitted to her insurance company that it was her fault, otherwise it could be a very long wait while it gets sorted out.

Good Luck!

b****cks dood.... ;)

I SAID, I aint joking..

if you hit someone in front.. then you have misjudged the situation....

You have to allow for the other drivers experience and predictabilty... hmmm.. just like this forum.........



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it was a main road with cars going up and down a busy road and the junction is a stop junction with a STOP sign which means STOP what ever and she didnt she carried on going I HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY so its her fault and she hit me the damage was not from the side of her car it was from the front she hit the side of me, before u start giving out smart ass remarks get the full story first.

  Skoda Fabia vRS

he DIDNT hit someone in front, he was hit from the side by a stupid woman !!!

read the post again !


  Shiny red R32

Now then lads, please dont start up the arguing again.

Lets all be good friends!

Thank you



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just wish some people would read the post first.


girl racer



  Shiny red R32

Better to keep a digital with you, as you dont have to wait for a film to be printed and you can instantly attach pictures of damage / positon of vehicles etc for your insurance company to see together with an accident report.

Yes, but that has a few drawbacks.

1) A digital camera which arent cheap, and definatly arent cheap enough to leave in your car on the off chance you may have a crash.

2) Would suffer badly in the cold damp conditions that our fantastic British winters (and summers) get.

3) A bit more of a temptation to a thief than a 10 exposure free camera from Ribena.

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

The Mustek 2.1 digital camera is only just over £40 squid and the picture quality is amazing. Holds up to 200ish pics too at 640x380 (ish) res.

Im gonna get one i think, only the size of a credit card too! Well woth having just in case, or if you see something else that needs to be snapped.

Sorry but slarty is a t**ser.

Malice, You were hit by a car joining from a minor road (from what you say). The Driver failed to giveway/stop and secure thier vehicle. It is that simple. Dont fret about it. Hope the other driver is well insured.

malice m8! sorry to hear about it mate, at least your ok and you r car isnt a write off.

i know it dont make u feel betta and ur probs a bit gutted, but remeber, gettin stressed and upset about it isnt gopnna get the car fixed any sooner or make the crash not happen, so look at the good points, whilst its sittin in the garage, your savin petrol!!! lol

take care fella

(a crash experienced user) Dannyboy
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Quote: Originally posted by technicalman on 01 November 2002

Sorry but slarty is a t**ser.

Quality and yes I agree....

The guy has crashed his car and thats all he can say. :eek:

Nothing like Hope your OK !

Sorry to infringe on your "copywright "Matt - but FFS what is the point in all this again?????

Slarty - if you want to pi55 people off you really know how to do it dont you?

if this forum is truly about discussion, which it is supposed to be, I think Slarty, that you need to re-consider what you think discussion is - clearly your comments in this thread bear no relation whatsoever to discussion, just purely YOUR OPINION - taking no account of what actually was said in the first place.
  mk2 172

me too mate, i went through one of the worst crash scenarios imaginable this year:-

just bought a house

just spent my life savings filling house with furniture

a week or two later buy a willy(&insure it tpf&t i was only 20)

5 days later crash willy:(

was prob the worst day of my life, couldnt talk

bills came eventually to 4k but it was back on the road after about 3

still needs a few more bits to return to its former glory

it was torment the other week cos i decided to put it on renos measuring system to see it it had been repaired top notch, thankfully all was fine except the steering rack is slightly bent(tends to happen when you bounce up a kerb at 50)

now it needs a hefty maintenance overhaul.

one good thing is that about 60-70%of that cost is in parts so its had one hell of a overhaul!

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Craggy your cars been in a crash mate ? Wouldnt of known buy looking at it. Still a fooking quick motor.
  mk2 172

the actual structure didnt take a hammering mate, but all lights, front panels, subframe, suspension, hubs, drive shafts wishbones some other electric engine bay gizmos did! fookin expensive too. so there wanst much in the way of bodywork adjustment to do, just a lot. i did have a list somewhere
  mk2 172

when all was removed it pretty much looked like a stripped down shell. the front left suspension strut needed to be alligned as it took a lot of force and broke at the factory weld so it was a case of moving then re-welding then painting, and the metal what you stick you drivers side headlamp securing screws through neede pulling up as the headlamp was taken out by a cars rear 1/4!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Done a cracking job on in mate well done, that shows dedication as I would of lost heart and scrapped it.