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ive crashed my car tonight !!!!

  mk2 172

ta mate,took a few months and a lot of overtime but i dont regret it now, once theres a new steering rack, box and clutch in there its gonna be one hell of a mechanically sound car
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

And you will still toast me at York ... you Bar-steward :D

One thing though as you where on the line sweating I was nice and cool with the air-con ;)

Before anyone says anything I didnt actually have my aircon on, it just makes this post a bit funnier.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Yerr get crimbo out the way first mate. Not major mods but a little tweeking her and there, but no body tweeking as I want to keep the WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING look.


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  Lazy v8

ok still not a verr happy bunny :(

gone to look at my car in daylight need front bumper front lower skirt front passwing new front pass alloy sooo badly scuffed and by the looks of it new pas door tis a little bit dented by hinges and the bumpstip think has been slammed backwards and broken all the tabs that hold it on :( im sooo sad will take pictures later i just hope every thing behind the wheel is ok like i dont need new brakes or new suspention or new lower arm or summit stoopid :(

claim form will be here in few dayz oh well

  Abarth 595 Trufeo


I know at the moment the doesnt seem to be any light at he end of the rainbow

but you have to look at the bright side.

She was insured, admitted liablilty and you have independent witnesses.

My mates MK2 Golf GTi (minter) was hit the other night and the driver fuked off, no details or anything, unfortunately my mate was so shook up he also didnt get the reg - this is a major pisser - looks like its going to cost about £1500 after labour.

Keep on Smiling and sorry about all the corny quotes

  Abarth 595 Trufeo


I havent spoken to him since Monday - when it happened.

He was going to inform the police - but all the info hes got:

sh*tty white vauxhall cavalier - youngish driver with 2 kids in the back

I think it is only leaving the scene of an accident.

It was the same kind of incident as MaLicE they pulled out of a junction and hit him and by the time he got out of the car, the cavalier had fuked off - no witnesses.

Malice, wouldnt mormally condone this, but take the motor along to one of your local repairers, got a churchill or ADR? Or any major busy repairers?

These guys will usually take on your case and sort you out with a loan car, you dont have to fill any forms out, they just sue the other driver. Saves a load of hassle. It moves the process along quicker, as they realise the longer they drag it out the more it will cost them. My old man was hit from behind, he went to ADR, they give him a car and his was repaired and back to him in seven days, no paperwork and phoning about chasing people, and he didnt have to pay his excess, the other drivers insurer covered that.

its a sod now days the police will only get involved if some one is hurt or if there is a dispute over whos fault it it

i had an accident over a year ago (14 months) his fault wrote my car off

he admitted to it being his fault at the scene a month later i get a letter from his insurance company saying it was my fault

it has been over a year and it is still going throught the solicitors and in the mean time i am still having physio treatment for whiplash !!

at the end of the day they will all try to screw u so good luck



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  Lazy v8

yeh i know but top pics has a big melon sized dent in it which is from the wing to the door and door stip slammed back, 2nd pic has the top and bottom part of bumper cracked, and 3rd and 4th show scratched wheel and it has a few lumps of alloy missing out of it :( prob seems really bad to me but might not to you i had a guy look at it and says for sure need front bumper HOLE assembly new front wing as it has torn the metal a bit and a new wheel cos it cant be refurbed and possibly new door but that might be able to be fixed, and a new bump stip unless i can get quote for smoothing out strips i spose.

im hoping to see if i can get the 16v front wings and maybee terminator front skirt. will have to see.



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  Lazy v8

oh and spoke to a friends dad who is a rozzer and he has said seeing as it was her coming out the junction she did not read the road correctly and thus makes it he fault as i was driving safly along a main road and it is a STOP junction and she did not um ..... stop :(

When i had mine I was driving along a straight road with a 60 mph limit clear and dry conditions and he pulled out infront of me giving me 15 meters to stop from 60 !!!(TW@T )

when he got out he said thats ok its only my company car !!!!!

Arrgh !!!! I hate some people !!!!!

But hope it all goes well if u want any advice help let me know

Malice I had similar damage to RT a few years ago. It got fixed up good and proper. Looked better than when I bought it. But it was only by luck it got repaired at all.

I begin the story in Scotland.

I hit a deer. Smashed up the front end. Only narowly not destroying the radiator. Get towed back to endinbourough. Its fixed up to be road worthy (mainly just the headlight that was making it not road worthy, although the panels had taken a battering and the bonnet was crunched up)

I got back to my house at uni. I wrang up the insurance people, they told me to go get some quotes. I did do. Most where comming out to about 1.5k. Then they told me I could get it back much quicker if I took it to there recognised bodyshop. No problems, it was only about 5 mins away. Anyway nipped it in, they said "could I leave it", so I said yes, if someone could give me a lift back home (its a 5 min drive but about a 45 min walk over farmers fields) they said they couldnt. So we arranged for them to come around to the house with a flat loader and pick it up. Anyway I was waiting for them to come, and they didnt. I rang them and they said they would come the day after. I went out to the car to drive to work, and low and behold the corner shop man had only gone and drivin his van into the other side (that wasnt damaged). I was well pissed off and went and challenged him about it. He said he didnt speak english. But thats a different story. Anyway the bodyshop came the day after and picked up my car and dropped off a courtassy car. a 1.0 punto. Quite spritly for a 1 litre, but it did feel like i was driving a double decker buss after driving my clio. Anyway a week later I went back and it was all fixed. Both sides. It shows there wasnt a deal of inteligence in there as there wasnt any damage on the left side when i first took it in for a quote. But anyway, they fixed it and didnt say a thing about it. They did a really good job, but they did forget to reconect the headlight adjuster switch. But they could have saved themselves a lot of time if they had picked my car up when the first said and thus wouldnt have had to fix both sides.