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Has anyone jacked their car up and found they have bent their jacking points in the process? This tends to occur on the front jacking points where there is great weights and so far it has been on MK II clios. You may not know this has happened too, unless you get your head underneather and looks at where the jack has been.

If this has happened to you can you please either reply to this post, PM me or email">

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

I thought mine was going to give way, it sounded like it was going to go through the car but has only bent it slightly.
  BMW 320d Sport

Thats why you might as well leave your jack and spare wheel at home and get the AA to come and tow you home! Best place I found at the front was actually a bit further forward, at the rear of the front wheel arch under where the wing attaches.

I do a lot of my own work on my car, so I jack it up a lot. I binned the original jack in favour of a hydraulic one - much easier.

You dont have to use one that catches the little holes on the sills, but there are only four "official" jacking points (just behind the holes). If you feel them with your hands, youll feel that theyre small square areas.

In the past Ive bent the sills by jacking at points other than these four, although you can use the axles.

if you jack it up in the wrong place you WILL damage the chassis....

you need o do it where it was designed to be jacked....and not with a round jack need a square tube.

Gibbo, mine buckled when I jacked it up on the front jacking point, and I used the exact correct position or jacking point as shown in the manual, and using the factory jack. I was a little bit pissed off to be honest, but its not that noticeable so I havent done anything about it.

Thanks for replying all, there is a problem with the jacking points that is clear. The question is will you help make this problem noticable to Reno?? I have a guy at Reno Cust Service who want to push this thru, but needs people to come forward. If you could take your car to your dealer and ask them to raise a tech report and sent it to Reno UK (when doing this ask for the tech report number as a reference), and to phone 0800 0723372 and ask to speak to Ian Murtagh, who is dealing with this case. Mention my name - Marc Gibson, and tell him that a Tech Report has been raised and tell him the ref number.

By doing this your are not helping just yourself but also your fellow club members.

I know time would be spent in going to the dealer, and I thank you in advance for this.

Any other questions etc pls drop me a PM or write a reply in this post :)

Cheers and thanks for getting in touch.

Marc :)
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Everybody who has had this problem.....get on the phone and complain!!!

Renault Customer Services

Ian Murtagh

0800 0723372

This guy needs to know all the ones that have had problems so we can get this sorted under warranty. VERY costly otherwise and youll be able to change a wheel if you get a puncture late at night without waiting for the RAC wholl probably charge you call out!!!!!! for not being prepared.

A pic of one of mine....

Cheers Chris for the Pict. Just went round to a mates yesterday, and checked his, to his surprise it has bent a bit too and he did not know about it!
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Called R UK today and Ian Murghtah is on his hols this week. They gave me Barry Williams who will be looking at my case. They also told me to get the dealer to call them when they have my car in to inspect it.

I have spoken to Barry in the past when I had all my trouble with the gearbox which needed replacing so we have some history there...LOL!!!


There is obviously a problem here...if its only bent a little then its not going to get any better....only worse!!!

Who did you speak to Craig?? As I take it your taking about Sighthill, who turned me away saying it was not warrenty! Please can let me know more details either here, PM, or email me, as you have had mails from me too!


Hahahaha man this site is mad...... I had to refit my exhaust this weekend coz renault engineers are about as good as a w**k infront of 30 virgin ladies all wanting some action. Anyway I jacked the front where that hole is like the picture and the same thing happened to my car.... I just thought I was a monkey and jacked it in the wrong place.. Does it really say its there in the manual? I didnt read mine.... never read manuals

HI Steve, please read my post above with what to do, then get back to this subject and post the Tech ref number.

An idea would be to post all ref numbers so we can get an idea of how many are raised. I was told yesterday that we need at least three to make them notice, but I think we need more. Let get this sorted people!