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jacking the rear of the car for lowering

  Dci 100
where's the best place to jack the car up when fitting lowering springs, i've only got one hydraulic jack, but i've got some axel stands too, but i dont really know where to jack the car up from, dont wanna damage anything.
  1.2 16v+200sx
when i done it in the garage i jacked it up on the axel then put the axel stands under the sills
that was with a proper professional jack though
  Dci 100
ah right, so the trailing arm just drops when you remove the jack from it? did you remove the rear wheels too?
  1.2 16v+200sx
yup no need to remove the wheels

i wasnt actually fitting springs so i dont know about the front but all you do is take the bottom bolts out the struts and take the jack out