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janspeed sealing problems

  v6 mk2
hi all,

any1 had any issues with an aftermarket exhaust sealing properly?

i had the janspeed fitted by my dad, then a mate at kwik fit gave it the once over etc, he had to re-fit the bracket at the cat and seal with exhaust paste as it sounded like a tractor.

However i am noticing that there is still a strange noise coming from where the cat is, it can only be described as a wet fart noise, best i can do!!!! lol

we thought the new seal had come away because the noise only happens when the engine is pulling hard, it doesnt do it at low revs if you arent using much throttle.
we tried putting the jack under the centre box to keep it held straight as it was flexing when the engine was revved but the noise is still there.

My dad thought it might be a problem with the meeting point of the cat and the manifold pipe, this section is joint by a spring loaded bracket, he said the fibre ring might have been disturbed when we were fitting it.

Can any1 help at all? losing faith and dont want to revert back to the standard system!!

  v6 mk2
just used the same 'u' clamp at first, the 1 that was already there.

When i took it to kwik fit my mate re fitted new 2 piece clamps etc and used exhaust paste, it didnt completely fix it but it was a lot better. Now it is back to the same annoying noise again though!!!
  172 cup'd extreme
between the cat and the centre section you need a metal gasket i put 2 on as it seals it better, exhaust paste will decay and more so in a clio as the exhaust moves more due to the shite mounts
  BMW M3
Hi mate,

Had similar problems to you when the car was on load. Sounded fine on tick over etc...

It took me ages finding out and i replaced the gasket but was still the same. Turned out to be the U-clamp. It became too weak and didnt seal properly. Make sure the 2 piece clamp is straight and tighten it up well and then tighten the spring part at the gasket last. (Cat to mani) The section form the cat to the backbox has to be straight secure.

I ended up buying a new U-clamp and it fixed the problem. Its very easy to not get it lined up properly, and usually takes me several attempts before a secure seal. Mine is blowing a bit now, but will be coming off again soon so not bothered. Mine was more of a hissing noise, and have heard the "fart" noise when the u-clamp seal is poorly alligned.

lol... im sure i could have said all the above in a lot less words, but just bashed the out as i was thinking. lol

Hope this helps mate.

  v6 mk2
good news (i think?) some1 else has suffered the dreaded 'fart' noise! lol

cheers for the help guys.

Justin i am heading to kwik fit now to see my mate, he will put it up on the ramps and re-fit everything and fingers crossed eh!! will report bck later.

  v6 mk2
spoke to a guy at janspeed today and he is going to send me a new section that joins the new zorst to the cat. this will be delivered 2moro

free gratis of course!!!!

Will get ma mate to try again 2moro, hopefully i will have a decent sounding trophy for the drive up to the touring cars on sunday.

  BMW M3
Hope that sorts it mate,

Ive been trying to get a free exhaust off him lol.... he is not too keen but i will win.
  Focus ST
Had the same problem on mine. Replaced the clamp and at the moment its alright.

But let me know how you get on. If you get a better fix, I may follow suit.

Was thinking about getting the bushs on the dog mount re-newed or uprated?? What do ya think?? Hopefully limit the pull on the exhaust from the engine.
  v6 mk2
cheers justin, he was a little happier sending me a new section, not the whole system!! hope you finally get 1!!!

fred, we originally used the same 1 but then ma mate at kwik fit fitted a new 2 piece clamp. When i phoned the guy at janspeed the first thing he said after i told him was that the piece might not have been a perfect fit so another 1 would be sent out!! fingers crossed.

gweebs, will let you know mate, im hoping it will fix it, the exhaust moves a sh*t load more than i thought it would, might be a good idea to do something with the mounts, i have hose pipe on standby to 'fix' the rear mounts into place.

Gweebs said:
Was thinking about getting the bushs on the dog mount re-newed or uprated?? What do ya think?? Hopefully limit the pull on the exhaust from the engine.

Good point. I am getting my dog bone mounts bushes done next week (ktec uprated ones) as excessive engine movement is causing problems with my exhaust.
  v6 mk2
ok i dont want to jinx it but with the new 'flare' fitted from cat to system the problem is cured and i can appreciate the full sound of the janspeed zorst. What an improvement over standard!! if you dont have 1 then buy 1 now!! (i cant promise it will seal first time though!!) lol

hope i dont have to bring this up again!!!