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Jap imports, in reverse !

Found this link while trawling the web. Noticed the Clio 2 phase 1 must have had a different name in some markets, Lutecia !? Perhaps Clio is a rude word in some contries (obviously not intended for Japan as its LHD and Renault dont sell there). Im sure the Clio owner from HK will tell me where its from !

yeah, japan sells RHD Renaults.

Not sure, but this looks like a euro car imported, not a dealer.

yeah, my father does all Renaults for HK.......and they are the same as yours, bar the fewer problems!!! lol

We dont ge the 4k rattle, squeeks etc. only problems seem to be the engine mounts.

No idea about why its called the Lutecia though, ill ask the Asia MKt director.

Ive now discovered that the Clio is called the Lutecia in Japan as Honda owns the rights to the Clio name there. Apparently Lutecia is the name of ancient Paris, one for all the trainspotters :) !

Hmm, this is interesting. We all know how mad the Japs are when it comes to modding cars, do you think there is a big aftermarket scene in Japan for the Lutecia F1 Limited Edition???;)