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Jas’s has been moonlighting

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Jonny Vaughan is also busted - hes been posting under the name Jas for ages when really hes Jonny Vaughan.

hahaha well thats the secret out the bag aye Kath, Wayne, Geoff, Simon and Mel

We have been calling him Jonny for quite a while Thats just concreted the name in place - Thanks m8

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Sorry m8 read it in the wrong context..

Got a women at work who looks like her but she is thick as sh1t.
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Not on the board, but where I work. A couple of the PAs are ... well lets just say Intellectually challenged
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It that really scary or really really scary ?

Anyway he has a good sense of humour or so the rumours go !


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Kis, I have never seen Jas, but looking at pictures of him, he doesnt look scary at all, in fact he looks rather on the soft side to me!

Now come on Ivan.. dont use me as an excuse. When im in trouble he hits me with a baseball bat and it bloody hurts...

(Bad thing is...ITS TRUE)

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I had a phone call from the Bug Guy yesterday. Can anyone suggest a nice hot country to move to as he is coming after me ?

Dave your name was mentioned on the list as well as a few people who posted on this thread.

Me thinks a group booking is in order.

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What have you said to Jas as he has phoned me again shouting down the phone !!!!! He said he was going to ban me when he gets back !!!!!!!!