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Jl Audio e4300 or Pioneer GM-6400f?

  Clio mk2ph1 1.2 Grande
I have the money to buy either of these, but would like to hear from people owning theses amps, how good are they and what would be your preference?
I have infinity reference 5.25" components up front and Jbl 12" GT5-1204BR which need to be powered off either amp and infinity coax 5.25" rears. 4 gauge wiring and Sony Mex-3600U cd player.

I will be upgrading the fronts and rears to TR650-CSI fronts and TR650-CXI rears after the amp upgrade and would like to know in other peoples opinions which amp would be better?

The amp is to replace a JBL GTO-4000.

Any help appreciated.

  Clio mk2ph1 1.2 Grande
Im buying tonight and would really appreciate some views on the jl. My only minor problem i have found with the jl amp is the ends look a little plasticy. Is this as bad in person?
  Mk2 172
The JL amp will wipe the floor with the pioneer!
How do i know.... Ive fitted both and the JL wins EASILY!
  Clio mk2ph1 1.2 Grande
Thats good to know.

How does the exterior look?

That was my only problem with the amp, but if it wipes the floor with it then that might outweight the problem.

Has anyone else owned either or both and got any views?

Many thanks
  172 CUP
JL audio is the clear winner, pioneer think that they can make car audio equipment but they cant, JL audio are just on another level, trust me get the JL amp and you wont be dissapointed