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is that re the brakes ??

if so, you can do as we used to do years ago... run two cables to the rear pads (with the final connection hidden from the testers view)

the outer of the bowden cable goes to one pad, the inner to the other..

rouse 2 is to use cables as a bove.. but combine it with an Hydraulic handbrake.. the cable are just fer show..

  172 sport,

sorry mate thats not me , i was wondering if your 172 lumps will handle turbo and nitrous ? also can you do this for another marque ie me pug ,thinking pug 205 1.9 turbo n20 :devilish: what do ya recon mate ?


ooooooops sri...

YES they will handle turbo n nitrous.. its all about controlled delivery m8.

re the pug, nope sorry.. got no space to concentrate on another make / model... but I am sure there is info on the web somewhere.

  172 sport,

oh well worth a try:( can do the build myself p o p its just knowing whare to get hold of the correct parts do ya think the standard box would take it or would that need upgrading ?also ive been told that you can get liners rebored ? do you know if this is true or better to just get standard size pistons / liners